The South Boulder Wastewater Treatment Plant is licensed to accept K210 septage waste.

Current Rates and Charges

To see a list of the current rates and charges related to Tankered Waste please Click Here.
The City of Kalgoorlie - Boulder's shire borders dictate rates for Tankered Waste. Please Click Here for a map of the border for Inside and Outside fees and charges.

Opening Hours

These are the operational hours for the South Boulder Wastewater Treatment Plant:

Day Hours Open  
Monday 8am - 11:45am 1pm - 5:45pm
Tuesday 8am - 11:45am 1pm - 5:45pm
Wednesday 8am - 11:45am 1pm - 5:45pm
Thursday 8am - 11:45am 1pm - 5:45pm
Friday  8am - 11:45am 1pm - 5:45pm
Public Holidays CLOSED CLOSED

Note - For disposals outside the above hours please contact the Water Services Team at least One Business day prior to your intended unloading date. 
Additional Fees and Charges apply. Click Here to see a list of the Fees and Charges.

The Wastewater Team reserves the right to change the operational hours of the Treatment Plant.

Controlled Waste Tracking Forms (CWTF)

The City may also reject loads if the tracking form is not completed correctly or information is missing. To avoid this ensure these forms are filled out correctly.
If and when waste has come from a mine site and there is no specific address stated, the tenement number and shire locality must be listed along with the company and mine site name.
  • Note: the responsibility of identifying the type of waste lies with the Controlled Waste Carrier and if quoting unseen works, it is highly recommended that some kind of disclaimer is quoted to the waste generator in the event the waste is not what the generator is claiming and is rejected.

What happens if my load is rejected?

In the interest of protecting both the treatment plant and quality of the effluent discharged, operators will not accept any load that fails the initial assessment completed or any load that is suspected to not meet the acceptance criteria will be rejected. 

The carrier will be notified in writing and a non-confirming load form will be completed and sent to the DWER Controlled Waste Team.

What is our Discharge Criteria?

Initial SBWWTP Site Assessment:

Analyte Units Limit
pH No units 6-9
Electrical Conductivity @ 25ºC µS/cm Less Than 5000
Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons Pass/Fail Pass
Physical Characteristics Visual  Operator Discretion

Further testing completed by the CKB's Contracted NATA Accredited Laboratory:

Analyte Units Limit
pH No units 6-9
Electrical Conductivity @ 25ºC µS/cm Less Than 5000
Total Suspended Solids (TSS) mg/l (ppm) Less Than 1500
Arsenic mg/l (ppm) Less Than 5
Cadmium mg/l (ppm) Less Than 5
Chromium mg/l (ppm) Less Than 10
Copper mg/l (ppm) Less Than 5
Lead mg/l (ppm) Less Than 10
Molybdenum mg/l (ppm) Less Than 10
Nickel mg/l (ppm) Less Than 10
Selenium mg/l (ppm) Less Than 5
Silver mg/l (ppm) Less Than 5
Zinc mg/l (ppm) Less Than 10
Iron mg/l (ppm) Less Than 100
Total Cyanide mg/l (ppm) Less Than 3
Ammonia as N mg/l (ppm) Less Than 50 if pH Less Than 8
Less Than 200 if pH greater Than 8
Oil and grease    mg/l (ppm) Less Than 50
Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) mg/l (ppm) Less Than 3000
Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) mg/l (ppm) Less Than 3000
Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons mg/l (ppm) Less Than 10
ug/l (ppb) Less Than 80
Toluene ug/l (ppb) Less Than 1300
Ethylbenzene ug/l (ppb) Less Than 1000
Total Xylenes ug/l (ppb) Less Than 1400

Testing if Site would like to recommence discharge after the site has been rejected. Completed at Controlled Waste Contractors Cost at a NATA Accredited Laboratory:

Analyte Units Limit
pH No units 6-9
Electrical Conductivity @ 25ºC µS/cm Less Than 5000
Oil and grease    mg/l (ppm) Less 50
Chemical Oxygen demand (COD) mg/l (ppm)

Less 3000