Strategic Documents

Strategic Community Plan 2020-2030

The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder’s Strategic Community Plan is the primary document and must be reviewed every four years, but can also be reviewed at a strategic level every two years. Council’s Strategic Community Plan was reviewed and updated throughout 2019. The Plan takes into account current and expected changes in community demographics, social issues and local, national and global influences.

The Strategic Community Plan shapes the service delivery policy of the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder for a 10-year period.  The plan focuses on 5 Community Aspirations:

  • Community - enhance the quality of life and encourage city wide development opportunities
  • Economy - boost opportunities for economic development and tourism
  • Infrastructure - enhance the built environment and provide quality infrastructure
  • Leadership - ensure the City maintains strong civic leadership
  • Environment - protect and where possible enhance the natural environment

The Strategic Community Plan 2020-2030 was adopted at the 28 April 2020 Ordinary Council Meeting.

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Corporate Business Plan

The Corporate Business Plan is the detailed implementation outline for services, key projects, capital investment and areas of advocacy over the next four financial years.  The Corporate Business Plan has been broken down into the five aspirations outlined within the Strategic Community Plan and Council projects, capital investment and areas of advocacy have been listed against the relevant Strategic Initiatives.  The layout of the plan has been set to help demonstrate how the Council will meet the most important local needs and ensure that the community’s vision for the City is brought to life.

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Long Term Financial Plan

The Long Term Financial Plan (LTFP) is a 10 year financial projection taking into consideration income, operational and capital expenditure. The financial estimates of projects and initiatives outlined in the Corporate Business Plan has been included in the financial projection.  This pivotal document is one of the informing strategic documents that assists in prioritisation of projects and helps the City to secure its financial sustainability.

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Kalgoorlie-Boulder Growth Plan

The Kalgoorlie-Boulder Growth Plan is an initiative of the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder in partnership with the Goldfields-Esperance Development Commission and other key stakeholders, including the State Government, particularly the Department of Regional Development, the State Planning Commission and LandCorp, the Kalgoorlie-Boulder Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Chamber of Minerals and Energy, Regional Development Australia Goldfields Esperance, the Goldfields Land and Sea Council, key local businesses and mining companies and the local community.

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Leadership Summit

The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder hosted a Leadership Summit in November 2016 which produced a full report of the Summit, including key issues and recommendations.

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Youth Strategic Action Plan 2018-2021

The Youth Strategic Action Plan (YSAP) 2018-2021 guides how the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder will deliver its services for young people over the next three years. The YSAP is the result of a six-week consultation process undertaken with more than 500 community members in 2017. The YSAP provides a snapshot of who are young people are and the strategic aims and actions the City will undertake to address the needs and gaps identified in the plan. Three key goals are identified in the plan, those being to build confidence in our young people, to grow the capability of our young people and to foster connection between them and the wider community.

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Reconciliation Action Plan

The development of the City's Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) marks an important milestone and will guide the way our organisation works with local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to achieve better outcomes. Development of the RAP occurred over two years and reflects considerable planning efforts with local stakeholders including the Goldfields Land and Sea Council, City councillors and various working groups.

By publicly declaring its commitment to reconciliation, CKB can build a more prosperous future for the City. The RAP will be championed by CKB executives with support, guidance and direction from the CKB Reconciliation Action Plan Working Group. The group will be comprised of various councillors and appointed local stakeholders to ensure the right people are engaged in delivering outcomes.

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Water Utility Services Plan

The Water Utility Services Plan outlines the strategic intent for delivery of wastewater and recycled water services to the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder. This plan gives effect to actions set out in the City’s Corporate Business Plan 2017-2021. More specifically, it helps give effect to two of the five community aspirations, namely infrastructure - ensuring a sustainable asset and infrastructure base, and environment - utilising water efficiently and maximise reuse potential.

The plan is an ‘informing strategy’ to the Strategic Community Plan in the context of the Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework. 

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Tourism Strategy 2020 - 2024

The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder Tourism Strategy was endorsed by Council in December 2020, and is now open for public comment. The strategy provides guidance on the future direction of tourism in Kalgoorlie-Boulder, based around six areas of priority:

  • Tourism Assets
  • Product Development
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Industry Capability and Development
  • Data and Information Distribution
  • Advocacy and Leadership

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Access and Inclusion Plan 2021 - 2026

The Draft City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder Tourism Strategy was endorsed by Council in December 2020, and is now open for public comment. The draft strategy provides guidance on the future direction of tourism in Kalgoorlie-Boulder, based around six areas of priority:

Kalgoorlie-Boulder is a diverse community with a wide range of needs, and the City is committed to fostering independence for those of all abilities, ensuring everybody can engage in everyday services as well as actively participating in the fantastic opportunities the City offers.

The aim of this Access and Inclusion Plan is to ensure services and facilities can be made more open, inclusive and accessible for everyone, and we have reached out to all sectors of the community to make sure everyone has had the opportunity to provide meaningful input into the direction for the new Plan, which aims to incorporate contemporary practices that exceed minimum compliance requirements.

As a City, we aim to provide public spaces that facilitate a diverse range of activities and strengthen social bonds within the community, and deliver the community better connectivity with the rest of Australia and the world. This Plan will guide us on our way forward to delivering access and inclusion for all.

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2021/22 Budget

The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder Budget for the 2021/22 financial year was adopted at the Special Council Meeting of 19 July 2021.
The budget contains:

  • Statement of comprehensive income by nature or type
  • Statement of comprehensive income by program
  • Statement of cash flows
  • Rate setting statement
  • Notes to and forming part of the Budget

Budget adoption process

During the annual budget adoption process, the Mayor, Councillors, CEO, General Managers and staff meet frequently to discuss budgetary issues such as:

  • New projects
  • Ongoing projects
  • Rates
  • Grants
  • Services provided

This process begins in February, when the budget requirements of all departments are compiled over a few months.

Grant requests, such as the Annual Grant Program, are to be submitted during February and March. Deliberations takes place in June, and applicants may be invited to make a presentation to the Council.

Final adoption and public launch of the annual budget takes place in July.

Annual Report

The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder produces an annual report for each financial year as a statutory requirement.

They reflect the major activities undertaken in the preceding year. As well as providing an overview of the City's operational and financial activities, the annual report also includes an Independent Auditor report.







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