Caravan & Camping

Camping in a caravan can only be done in a licensed caravan park. For local caravan parks and camping grounds visit the Kalgoorlie Visitor Centre website by following the link to the right of this page.

Approval to occupy a caravan outside a caravan park must be obtained from either the owner of the land, the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder or the Minister for Local Government, depending on the period of occupancy.

Community Rangers monitor and investigate illegal camping on City land.

Please download the Caravan and Camping fact sheet which covers:

  • Legislation related to caravans and camping; and
  • Information to be submitted with an application to the City or Minister.

It is illegal for individuals or groups to camp on City land without permission. Please report any illegal camping to the Community Rangers.

Concerns regarding squatters on private land should be directed to the police.

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