Local Planning Scheme No. 2

City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder Local Planning Scheme No. 2, 2023

The purpose of the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder Local Planning Scheme No. 2, 2023 is to:

(a) set out the local government's planning aims and intentions for the Scheme area; and
(b) set aside land as local reserves for public purposes; and
(c) zone land within the Scheme area for the purposes defined in this Scheme; and
(d) control and guide development including processes for the preparation of structure plans, activity centre plans and local development plans; and
(e) set out procedures for the assessment and determination of development applications; and
(f) set out procedures for contributions to be made for the costs of providing infrastructure in connection with development through development contribution plans; and
(g) make provision for the administration and enforcement of this Scheme; and
(h) address other matters referred to in Schedule 7 of the Act.

The revised Scheme has the following goals: to ensure that zoning provides the opportunity for a more diversified mix of housing types, an increase in the total area of industrial zoned land to support local business development, provide development incentives to encourage investment in the CBD and suburbs, introduce a mixed-use zone to allow for small business development within special residential areas and on rural lifestyle blocks, and policies that supporting the mining sector.

The Scheme is a legal document that regulates land use activities and development; it consists of two documents being the Scheme text which contains specific requirements for development and land use; and the Scheme maps that prescribes planning zones that direct the type of development that can occur within each zone, reserve areas to protect land and community land uses, and different residential and mixed-use zones to encourage a range of residential densities and areas for mixed use development.

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Local Planning Scheme No. 2 Gazettal 

To view the official Gazettal for the Local Planning Scheme No. 2 

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See the Local Planning Scheme No. 2 in our City.

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