Offensive trades

The Public Health Act 2016 and Health (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1911 defines the following as 'offensive trades':

  • Slaughtering
  • Bone milling
  • Cleaning and laundering
  • Dye works
  • Fat rendering
  • Fellmongering, tanning
  • Fish curing
  • Bird flocking
  • Manuring
  • Pig rearing
  • Storing, drying, or preserving bones, hides, hoofs or skins
  • Tripe boiling
  • Boiling down meat, bones, blood, or offal

Businesses that engage in these trades are required to obtain consent from the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder, and to register their place of business.

To obtain consent and register your business please download and submit an application for consent to establish an offensive trade and an application for registration of premises for offensive trade.

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