Scheme Amendments

A Scheme Amendment is a change to the zoning and/or permissibility of uses within the City's Local Planning Scheme.

When does a Scheme Amendment occur?

Scheme Amendments may occur for different reasons, such as:

· A change in zoning to accommodate development

· A change in the R-Codes to increase residential density

· A change in the Scheme’s wording

· To correct any inconsistency or errors

How do I request a Scheme Amendment?

There is no formal application for the consideration of a Scheme Amendment, however, a cost is associated with the request.

To propose a change, a detailed letter addressing all relevant considerations must be submitted to the City with the letter including but not limited to:

· The address of the subject lot/s

· An accurate description of the requested change to the Scheme

· Justification for the application (referencing any applicable Council strategies or policies)

Concept plans or other supporting information that further clarify the purpose of the requested change may be required.

The initial request, including full justification and explanation, should be addressed to the Manager Development and Growth and submitted by email, post or in-person to 577 Hannan Street, Kalgoorlie, 6430.