Rates are one of the most significant sources of the City’s operating revenue, enabling us to invest in revitalising and constructing new infrastructure and facilities.

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In 2023/24, Council has approved a 3.97% rate in the dollar increase which marks another consecutive budget where the City’s rates movements have remained below the National CPI of 7%, despite the challenges posed by inflation and high interest rates.

For the average homeowner, this rate revenue increase equates to $65 per year or an additional $1.25 per week. This increase, alongside other income sources such as grants, allows the City to deliver essential services to the community daily and guide investment according to community feedback.


“We acknowledge the significance of rates and financial matters to our community, and we assure you that we are committed to transparently managing the City’s finances. Our goal is to ensure that every dollar is utilised effectively and responsibly to create a sustainable and prosperous future for all residents.”
Mayor John Bowler, Budget and Rates 2023/24

2023/24 Budget

The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder Budget for the 2023/24 financial year was adopted at the 24 July 2023 Ordinary Council Meeting. In light of increases in inflation and interest rates, this year’s budget places a strong emphasis on bolstering the City’s financial position.

“This year’s budget is thoughtfully directed toward essential areas, such as local roads and footpaths, community safety, family services and facilities, as well as youth infrastructure and improved lighting in parks and reserves. We are focused on investing in water initiatives to save and harvest recycled water, and will continue to support our community with important grant and sponsorship opportunities. These investments will enhance the overall well-being of our community, creating a city that is vibrant, inclusive, and thriving for generations to come.”
Mayor John Bowler, Budget and Rates 2023/24

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How Your Rates Support Our Community

The 2023/24 Capital Works Program has a strong focus on enhancing City infrastructure based on community feedback. The highlights include investment from roads to community safety infrastructure.

  • $22 million - Local roads and drainage
  • $3 million - Footpaths
  • $2 million - Parks and reserves
  • $13 million - Recycled water initiatives
  • $13 million - Community facilities
  • $1 million - Community safety and crime prevention
  • $2 million - Lighting of streets and parks
  • $6 million - Housing initiatives

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