If you're planning to build a new ancillary dwelling otherwise known as a granny flat, it's important to ensure that your project aligns with the State Planning Policy 7.3 Residential Design Codes and any Local Planning regulation and policies. You have two options to meet these guidelines:

  • Deemed-to-Comply Design: You can choose this path if your project adheres to all the relevant guidelines in Volume 1 part 5.5 special purpose dwellings.
  • Compliance with Design Principles: Alternatively, you can demonstrate that your project complies with the essential design principles laid out in the guidelines.

Repurposed Dwelling

A repurposed dwelling is a building or structure not previously used as a single house, which has been repurposed for a dwelling. They are also known as Second-hand Dwellings. In the case that your ancillary dwelling is classified as a repurposed dwelling the proposal will require a planning application.

Do I need Development Approval?

Development approval will be required when the proposed works do not meet all of the relevant deemed-to-comply criteria set on the Residential Design Codes.

For detailed information on these requirements and additional necessary documents, you can refer to the New Dwellings, Extensions & Alterations Checklist. You can also find more information on residential development in the Local Planning Policies.

How do I Apply for Development Approval?

Your application for Development Approval must include the following:

  • A completed City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder Development Application Form 1, signed by the legal owners and applicant
  • Payment of the application fees
  • A current Certificate of Title
  • A Site Plan (1:100 or 1:200 scale) of the property showing where the outbuilding will be located, including the distance from boundaries
  • Floor plans and elevations (1:100 or 1:200 scale) of the property showing where the structure will be located
  • Any other information stated on the Development Application New Dwellings, Extensions & Alterations Checklist.