Firewood Collection

Residents can collect firewood for personal use in some forest areas managed by the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA).

There is a 20-kilometre radius from the centre of Kalgoorlie-Boulder, and a 7.5-kilometre radius from the Kambalda and Coolgardie town centres, where no gathering of firewood is permitted. These are known as the Greenbelts.

  • When collecting wood for domestic use it is important to note the following:
  • Collection should be for private use only and restricted to a ute or trailer load at a time.
  • Collect from ‘public firewood areas’ – all areas outside of conservation reserves and private property or where other restrictions apply.
  • Firewood cannot be sold, exchanged or traded for commercial gain.
  • It is a legal requirement to gain permission to enter and collect firewood from other land users such as pastoral leaseholders, mining companies and Aboriginal communities.
  • Gathering is not allowed within two kilometres of station homesteads or on active mining areas.
  • Only take already fallen dead logs; standing dead or green trees cannot be felled. 
  • • Do not go off-road, this damages the vegetation and hinders woodland regeneration.

 For more information, visit the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions website.