The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder Parking and Parking Facilities Local Laws 2009 is designed to maximise the use of available space and to provide access to parking for all motorists, reflecting the requirements of businesses, visitors, residents and traffic management.

Illegal parking can be dangerous to pedestrians, cyclists and other road users and causes frustration, inconvenience and irritation.

Think before you park
It is the responsibility of the driver to be familiar with the Road Traffic Code 2000 and Parking and Parking Facilities Local Laws 2009 when parking within the City. The laws stated in these legal documents are enforceable at all times and do not require signage, however, parking signs may be installed to reinforce or contribute to parking restrictions within the road reserve.

On-the-spot fines apply for breaches of these laws.

Time restrictions

No movement of vehicles to avoid time limitation.

Where the parking of vehicles in a parking facility is permitted for a limited time, a person shall not move a vehicle within the parking facility so that the total time of parking exceeds the maximum time allowed for parking in the parking facility.

Where the parking of vehicles in a thoroughfare is permitted for a limited time, a person shall not move a vehicle along that thoroughfare so that the total time of parking exceeds the maximum time permitted, unless the vehicle has first been removed from the thoroughfare for at least two hours.

Where parking in a thoroughfare is restricted as to time and a vehicle has been parked in that thoroughfare a person shall not park that vehicle again in that thoroughfare unless there is between the place where the vehicle had been parked and the place where the vehicle is subsequently parked another thoroughfare that meets or intersects that thoroughfare.

No stopping / parking

A driver shall not stop on a length of carriageway, or in an area, to which a 'No Stopping/Parking' sign or solid yellow line applies. Vehicles may only stop in these zones to comply with other regulations (for example at traffic lights or to avoid an accident).

Parking for people with disabilities

Parking bays for people with disabilities are specially marked by a unique symbol on both signage and line marking and can be easily distinguished from regular parking bays.
Only vehicles displaying a current registered Disability Parking Permit on the windscreen or dashboard are allowed to park in these permit areas. A plaque or sticker bearing a disabled emblem isn't valid.
Authorised permit holders who don't require a wheelchair or walking frame can park in any bay within a car park or street and still receive concessions, leaving the extra wide bays for those who need them. The City allows holders of Disability Parking Permits to park in street or kerbside time restricted areas for double the signposted time.

Motorcycle parking

Specialised bays are provided for motorcycles and motorcycles only. Motorcycles are permitted to park in regular parking bays however, other parking restrictions may apply.

Oversize vehicle parking

If a vehicle (including trailers) is too long or too wide to fit within a single parking bay, then they may park within the minimum number of parking stalls to safely park that vehicle.

School parking

Most schools have parking restrictions in place around them, including pick up and drop off areas. All schools prohibit vehicles parking on the verge in the vicinity of the school.

Vehicles for sale

You cannot park or leave a vehicle on any portion of a roadway or verge, to display the vehicle for sale.

Parking against the flow of traffic

Vehicles that park on the street cannot park facing into oncoming traffic.

Oasis parking

The Oasis Parking lot has a pick up and drop off area, where a vehicle can park for no longer than 5 minutes. It is also prohibited to park on the reserve in the middle of the pickup and drop-off area.

Airport Parking

Three new simple-to-use parking meters to take the hassle out of parking at the airport, allowing you to book for periods of up to 24 days.

The new machines are cashless and ticketless, letting you make contactless payments and easily store your e-ticket on your phone.

Parking Infringements

The City issues parking infringements when drivers do not adhere to parking local law restrictions. It is the driver’s responsibility to be aware of, check for and adhere to all signage/markings prior to parking their vehicle.

  • Payment is required within 28 days from date of issue
  • As a courtesy the City will send a Reminder Notice 28 days from issue
  • After 28 days a Final Demand Notice will be issued, inclusive of an administration fee
  • The infringement will then be referred to the Fines Enforcement Registry for collection where the driver will have to pay directly to the Fines Enforcement Registry

If you would like to pay your infringement online, you can do so via B-Pay.

Appealing a parking infringement
An appeal for the withdrawal of a parking infringement must be lodged by the driver within 28 days of the fine being issued, with proof to support your claim.
If you were not the driver at the time the infringement was issued or if you were the driver of a vehicle and wish to contest an infringement that has been posted to the owner of that vehicle, please have the owner complete and forward it with your appeal.
Once an appeal is received by City you do not have to pay until you are notified of the decision - normally this is within 30 days.
If you are aggrieved with the outcome of your appeal, you may nominate to have the matter heard in Court. Please complete and forward it to the City prior to the due date of your infringement.

An appeal needs to:
Be made by the driver, or by somebody acting on your behalf with your written consent.

Application to occupy public parking bays

If you require use of public parking bays for an event or extended period of time, please complete the application form.

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