Committees of Council

To assist with its decision-making responsibilities, Council is able to establish Committees to assist it in performing its wide range of activities and functions. Committees report to Council and are subject to the requirements of the Act and the City’s meeting procedures for meetings.

Council has established the following Committees:

  • Audit and Risk Committee
  • Commercial Businesses Committee
  • Governance and Policy Committee
  • CEO Performance Review Committee

In addition, Council appoints an elected member and deputy to the Youth Council.

Council Working Groups 

In addition to the Council Committees, Working Groups are established from time-to-time by Council as a mechanism for facilitating and improving broader participation in the City’s decision-making process.   They provide an engagement mechanism for Elected Members, staff and, where appropriate the community, on a wide range of issues.  Unlike Committees, Working Groups are not formally established under the Local Government Act.  Currently, Council has the following Working Groups:

  • Boulder Tourism Precinct Strategy Working Group
  • Historic Hannan Street Precinct Working Group
  • Walk of Fame Working Group

Councillor membership of external committees

External committees are not committees of Council but are external boards of management that are either constitutionally required to have City of Kalgoorlie Councillors as members, or have requested that Council nominate an elected representative to become a member.

Committee Handbook

Membership of Council Committees, Working Groups and External Committees can be found in the Committee Handbook, along with terms of reference and other policy details.

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