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The following diagram is a summary of the steps involved in the Goldfields DAMA process.

DAMA Process Flow Chart


Step 1

DAR Endorsement

Apply to the Goldfields DAMA Designated Area Representative (DAR) for endorsement. Complete request for endorsement Form and submit with the required supporting documentation listed in the checklist.

If applicable, you may want to notify the prospective nominee(s) to start the following processes:

  • English Skills assessments;
  • Health assessments;
  • Skills Assessment via the relevant assessing body; and
  • Organise character documents. (Read page 4-5 of the Sponsor's guide for more information)

If your business is eligible to access the Goldfields DAMA, a letter of endorsement and copies of the supporting documents will be sent to the Australian Government and your business by the Goldfields DAR.

The Goldfields DAR will send you an ImmiAccount guide which includes a WA Goldfields DAMA Labour Agreement number for your specific DAMA Labour Agreement application with the Department of Home Affairs.

Employers are encouraged to provide the prospective nominee with settlement information:

  • prior to you engaging them, or
  • if they are already working for you, prior to them lodging their visa application, unless they have been living and working in the Goldfields for at least 12 months prior to them lodging their visa application. 

Step 2

DAMA Labour Agreement Request

Lodge your labour agreement request online using the Labour Agreement Request form in ImmiAccount. 

Step 3

Nomination Application

Your business submits a nomination application to the Australian Government for every overseas worker you want to employ under the Goldfields DAMA using your ImmiAccount.

Step 4

Visa Application

Your overseas worker can then apply for their relevant visa.

Fees and Charges

Although there is no charge for the labour agreement stream (Australian Government), there are fees and charges which change over time for the following:

  • Endorsement by the Goldfields DAMA Designated Area Representative (Goldfields DAR) City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder ($225 + GST per nomination).
  • Skilling Australians Fund (SAF) levy. The purpose of the SAF levy is for employers to contribute to the broader skills development of Australians (SAF calculator).

    For information on the fees and charges for visas, always visit the Australian Government's Department of Home Affairs website for the latest update. 

    Subsequent Year Endorsement Process (Deed of Variation)

    Endorsement to access the Goldfields Designated Area Migration Agreement (Goldfields DAMA) is for up to five years, however initial allocation of occupation types and number of vacancies are for the first year only. Businesses seeking to access new overseas workers will need to apply to the Goldfields Designated Representative for endorsement each subsequent year.

    Most applications in subsequent years are for additional numbers of the same endorsed occupation type(s), however additional occupations included in the agreement can be applied for.

    Documents to vary nominations and concessions.

    Criteria Being Assessed

    The department examines the business’ current and future workforce needs to determine:

    Criteria 1

    Which occupation(s) and concession(s) requested may be accessed, and how many positions can be nominated for each

    Criteria 2

    Whether the business is unable to employ an Australian citizen or permanent resident to fill the position and whether the business is offering terms and conditions of employment that meet market salary rates. Businesses need to: 

      • demonstrate they have undertaken appropriate labour market testing and are unable to employ an Australian citizen or permanent resident to fill the position. The standard of labour market testing, including duration, content and eligible mediums of advertising, are defined by the Department of Home Affairs, for more information on labour market testing requirements go to the Department of Home Affairs website
      • provide evidence that the terms and conditions of employment are in line with Australian workplace requirements - they must be no less than what an Australian would be paid to undertake the same job in the same location

    Criteria 3

    Whether the employer may be able to access the concessions, read occupations included in the agreement and concessions available. To access the English or Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold concessions, employers will need to provide evidence in support of the concessions sought.





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