Temporary restrictions on recycled water allocations

Published on Tuesday, 7 February 2023 at 8:17:00 AM

The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder will implement temporary level 5 restrictions on recycled water usage until June 2023, following a Special Council Meeting held last night.

Recycled water is used on the City’s parks and sporting reserves and provided to private recycled water users such as schools, businesses, and other organisations.

Following a review of the City’s current recycled water reserve levels, Councillors were presented with short, medium, and long-term strategies to address recycled water reuse.

Council resolved to adopt the Recycled Water Volumetric allocations and rate restrictions methodologies, which will see reserve levels assessed on the first day of every month, with affected users to be given notice if any changes to restrictions are required.

If the stored volumes are less than 310ML, a 12-month Moving Average Rainfall assessment will be conducted, and the relevant level of restriction applied from the seventh day of the month.

All irrigation recycled water users, and those with an annual Recycled Water Supply Agreement with the City, will have a level 5 water restriction applied immediately, with the remaining unconsumed balance of their 2022/23 annual allocation (as at 1 February 2023) or the pro-rata allocation for February-June 2023, whichever is lesser, to be distributed over the balance of the financial year (February-June 2023).

Recycled water restrictions will take effect immediately and be monitored on an ongoing month-to-month basis. Restrictions may change pending the recycled water levels, with all affected recycled water users to be given seven days’ notice should a change be required.

In addition to these restrictions, the City will commence negotiations with the Water Corporation for the ongoing purchasing of water to assist with the irrigation of City ovals, parks, green spaces, and landscaping.

To prioritise the use of the existing supply, the City’s Cruickshank Sporting Arena’s oval, which is no longer used by local sporting groups, will be officially decommissioned, receiving no further irrigation supply after this year’s Community Fair (to be held on 24-25 March) and will be included in the level 5 restrictions during the interim.

Mayor John Bowler said it was difficult for the City to have to implement any level of restrictions, however, given current recycled water levels, it is important that a plan was made.

“The quality and high standard of parks and gardens in the City is a high priority for the City, and we take pride in having some of the greenest parks in the region thanks to our recycled water reticulation.”

“Unfortunately given the reduced rainfall, we have to implement restrictions to ensure the provision of recycled water reserves is adequate for future needs”.

“Council reviewed the recommendations presented, and I believe the measures put in place are fair for all recycled water users and will give the City’s parks and reserves the best chance of staying maintained until levels increase,” Mayor Bowler said.

“We have a lot of planning to do, there’s a lot of work, but I think it can be done, and in the process, we will find ways to ensure we continue to be an oasis in the desert.”

As part of the resolutions, all recycled water users will need to meet the Department of Health’s water re-use requirements prior to June 2023 in order to continue to receive their supply.

Water metres will also be installed, with a breakdown of monthly usage and associated costs to be included on Council’s monthly meeting agenda and on the City’s website.

The City will undertake a budget review to reallocate funding for costs associated with any resolution outcomes. A further report will be tabled at the July 2023 Ordinary Council Meeting.

City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder CEO Andrew Brien will be briefing all affected users on the adopted restrictions and address any concerns raised.

More information regarding waste water re-use in the city will be available here soon. 

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