Councillor Appointments

City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder Councillors will be making themselves more available to the community, spending time each week in the Kalgoorlie Town Hall. The relocation of the CBD Customer Service Centre to the Town Hall in March has allowed for greater opportunities for the Councillors to meet and engage with the community. 

Appointments can be made directly with Councillors or by calling the City’s Customer Service Team on 9021 9600.

Mayoral Request

As Mayor of the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder, John Bowler attends a number of community events each year. If you would like him to attend your event, please complete the form here and we will be in touch in due course. * Please note his attendance is subject to availability.

Mayor John Bowler

Phone: 0418 935 005

Deputy Mayor Glenn Wilson

Phone: 0438 926 829

Councillor Amy Astill

Phone: TBC

Councillor David Grills

Phone: 0417 888 868

Justice of the Peace

Councillor Deborah Botica

Phone: 0423 264 016

Councillor John Matthew

Phone: 0418 935 327

Councillor Kim Eckert

Phone: TBC

Councillor Kirsty Dellar

Phone: TBC

Councillor Mandy Reid

Phone: 0411 022 577

Justice of the Peace

Councillor Mick McKay

Phone: TBC

Councillor Suzie Williams

Phone: TBC

Councillor Terrence Winner

Phone: 0438 418 369

Councillor Wayne Johnson

Phone: TBC