Kalgoorlie-Boulder 2024 Youth Awards

And your winners are...

The nominees and winners of the 2024 awards are individuals doing extraordinary work in the youth space in our community. Whether recognized for academic excellence, outstanding employment achievements, cultural leadership, or remarkable community contributions, each recipient has demonstrated dedication and impact. Congratulations to all this year's deserving recipients.

Young Achiever Award

Abbey Cullen

Starting her radio career this year as Breakfast Presenter at Triple M Goldfields, Abbey is committed to delivering high-quality and engaging content for the Goldfields community. Based on listener feedback, Abbey launched the popular "What to Watch with Abs and Jono" segment which airs every Friday.

Abbey has immersed herself in a wide array of community events, aiming to make a meaningful impact wherever she can. Abbey's involvement ranges from hosting Thirsty Merc at the Sunset Concert Series and organizing the Miners Rest quiz nights, to volunteering at local footy clubs and announcing courtside for the Goldfields Giants. Abbey has successfully achieved a significant number of her goals for 2024 and continues to expand her contributions to the community.

Having grown up in Kalgoorlie-Boulder and returning after living in internationally and in Perth, Abbey feels fortunate to pursue her passion in her hometown. Her dedication to her craft and community is a testament to her unwavering commitment to both her career and the local Kalgoorlie-Boulder community.


  • Tadiwa Natania Mutanga
  • Lily Ivery McCrae
  • Tre Colin James
  • Emma Ward
  • Chloe Holliday
  • Nikita Mereyato

    Young Community Champion

    Madaline Keast

    Madaline (Maddy) has been a dedicated volunteer with St. John Ambulance for six years, serving across the Goldfields region and Western Australia.

    In addition to her role with St. John Ambulance, Maddy has mentored youth through Golden You Leadership in April 2024 and collaborated with Judumul Aboriginal Corporation for 'The Women's Dreaming Fashion Show' in November 2023.

    Maddy actively contributes to the Kalgoorlie Community Garden and Kalgoorlie Runners Group. She also dedicates her time to conducting exercise sessions for seniors at both the Kalgoorlie Community Centre and Oasis Recreational Centre.

    Alongside her pursuits in Personal Training studies, Maddy mentors work placement students at Goldfields Oasis Gym while serving as an active lifeguard on the pool deck. Her diverse contributions and compassionate spirit make her as a standout Young Community Champion.


    • Briana Alves-lei
    • Ava Meyers
    • Faith Griffin-Dunphy
    • Isabella Wilson
    • Amelia Webb-Lavery
    • Eileanna Toey
    • Emma Ward

      Young Cultural Leader

      Nikita Mereyato

      As Cultural Captain at John Paul College, Nikita has shown exceptional leadership, championing cultural diversity and inclusivity through her organisation of cultural events. Her passion for the performing arts shines through her lead roles in Stage Left Theatre productions and memorable performances in school musicals.

      Nikita's commitment to academic excellence is evident in her dedicated studies and successful completion of a traineeship. Beyond academics, she excels as an athlete, competing at local and Representative levels with commendable sportsmanship.

      In her role as a mentor, Nikita serves as an inspirational figure to her peers and younger students, fostering belonging and encouragement, particularly among culturally diverse backgrounds. Her positivity, diligent work ethic, and dedication makes her deserving of recognition as a Young Cultural Leader.


      • Latrell Thomas
      • Nathenial Brown
      • Boyden George

        Young Tradesperson or Apprentice of the Year

        William Hayes

        William (Wil) embarked on his apprenticeship journey 2.5 years ago, initially joining BMC Plumbing & Gas through a work placement opportunity during Year 12, before commencing his apprenticeship after completing his WACE.

        Now in his third year, Wil consistently exceeds expectations, demonstrating outstanding communication skills with both colleagues and customers, and operating machinery with confidence. He possesses an exceptional work ethic, often finishing jobs ahead of schedule and going above and beyond. Wil conducts himself as a seasoned tradesman, managing jobs independently and delivering high-quality results.

        BMC are proud to have Wil as an integral part of their team, witnessing his remarkable growth both personally and professionally.


        • Noah Ryker Bais Ellery

          Young Worker or Volunteer of the Year

          Leeanne Fasitua

          Leeanne stands as a beacon of excellence in her role at Training Alliance, where she tirelessly champions the cause of disengaged youth. Her unwavering dedication and exceptional efforts over the past year have not only exceeded expectations but also transformed the lives of the youth she serves.

          Leeanne's approach goes beyond understanding their challenges; she builds genuine connections, provides unwavering support, and fosters a nurturing environment for their growth. Her passion for youth development is evident in every interaction, initiative, and advocacy effort. Leeanne's commitment to empowering young individuals has resulted in tangible improvements in their lives and prospects for the future. Her work is not just a job but a mission driven by compassion and a desire to see every young person succeed.

          In recognition of her extraordinary contributions, Leeanne is a true role model and deserving award winner for her dedication, passion, and impactful results.


          • Leeanne Fasitua
          • Donald Braven
          • Shani Szabo
          • Sean Smith
          • Joan (Mary) Caetano
          • Rosana Da Fonseca Dos Santos
          • Katherine Coulter
          • Olive Mereyato
          • Ursula Andinch
          • Angela Sutherland
          • Rachel Smith
          • Rosaline Scott
          • George McLean
          • Novena Anderson
          • Natalie Piuk

            Youth Organisation of the Year

            WA Police and Community Youth Centre (Kalgoorlie PCYC)

            PCYC Kalgoorlie, is a leading not-for-profit organization providing youth programs in the Kalgoorlie-Boulder area. Catering primarily to individuals aged 12-25, with outreach to younger groups as well, PCYC Kalgoorlie is committed to delivering excellence, passion, and dedication to the community's young people.

            Through its ongoing programs, PCYC Kalgoorlie consistently achieves positive outcomes for youth, upholding high professional standards and adhering to youth work principles that align with the standards set in the WA youth sector.

            With a focus on youth development and community engagement, PCYC Kalgoorlie plays a pivotal role in nurturing the potential of young individuals and contributing to their overall well-being.


            • Kalgoorlie Scout Group
            • Salvation Army Youth Team
            • Clontarf Academy Kalgoorlie
            • STARS Foundation
            • Golden You Leadership

            Past Youth Award Winners

            2023 Winners

            Young Achiever Award
            Jayden Zappelli

            Young Community Champion
            Callum McLerie

            Young Cultural Leader
            Callen Tullock

            Young Tradesperson or Apprentice of the Year
            Daniel Gent

            Young Worker or Volunteer of the Year
            Megan Barlow

            Youth Organisation of the Year
            Stage Left Theatre Group

            2022 Winners

            Young Achiever Award
            Amber Lilley

            Young Community Champion
            Elissa Van Den Elzen

            Young Cultural Leader
            Malakai Champion

            Young Tradesperson or Apprentice of the Year
            Harrison Webb

            2021 Winners

            Young Achiever Award
            Kyle Callaghan

            Young Community Champion
            Sophie Ward

            Young Cultural Leader
            Ace Keirnan

            Young Tradesperson or Apprentice of the Year
            Megan Henderson

            2020 Winners

            Young Achiever Award
            Alexis McDonald

            Young Community Champion
            Paige Chinnery

            Young Cultural Leader
            Taysharn Mongoo

            Young Tradesperson or Apprentice of the Year
            Thomas Callaghan