In May 2023, the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder asked the community to share their thoughts in the Community Perception Survey.

Over 1,300 people took part and shared what's important to them, giving their opinion on a range of issues related to living and working in Kalgoorlie-Boulder.

About the Survey

The Community Perception Survey is an independent study, also called the MARKYT Scorecard, which is run by an external agency. It helps the City and Council understand what people think and helps us to decide where we should focus our attention.

We use this feedback to figure out what the community wants, so we can make more informed decisions and refine our priorities in line with the evolving needs of the community. It also helps us to benchmark our performance, so we can measure how we are doing compared to other councils and against our historic performance.

View the Community Perception Survey 2023

Community Voice Action Plan

As a result of the findings from the Community Perception Survey, the City has developed a series of 8 key focus areas address specific community needs and enhance overall well-being.

For each of the key focus areas, a series of actions have been identified to respond to the concerns and aspirations voiced by residents in the survey but also to contribute to the overarching goals outlined in our Corporate Business Plan.

This strategic alignment ensures that our efforts are targeted and in sync with both immediate community needs and the broader vision for the City's sustainable future.

The key areas are:

  • Family & Youth Services
  • Senior Services
  • Health & Community Services
  • Community Safety & Crime Prevention
  • Improved Lighting
  • Housing & Land
  • Improved Footpaths & Cycleways
  • Local Roads

View the Community Voice Action Plan 2023