Goldfields Faces Lockout

Published on Thursday, 9 December 2021 at 8:27:00 AM

When Premier Mark McGowan comes here specifically to help lift the local vaccination rate, you know we are in trouble.

The double vaccination rate for the Goldfields is the third worst in the State and I believe we are about to pay a heavy price for the failure and pathetic attitude of a small minority. That price could well be isolation from the rest of Western Australia, which means the world.

When the Premier opens the borders, I will be disappointed but not surprised if he says the Pilbara, Kimberley and Goldfields will be isolated into their own bubbles and that could also mean we are once again cut off from Esperance.

His visit here was part of a campaign aimed at highlighting the fact that the border will open early next year and when that happens COVID-19 will inevitably spread to our community. Even more worrying, is that people living in remote communities are at a greater risk from COVID-19 and I support every effort to improve their access to the vaccine.

But once this campaign has culminated, the vast majority of Goldfielders who are vaccinated should not be shut off from the rest of the world.

In other words, Mr. Premier, go hard with your campaign in the next two or three months, but after that do not penalise those who have listened to you, done the right thing and protected themselves.

People on both sides of the vaccine fence should be responsible for their own actions.

Those who oppose the various mandates to get inoculated or have been too lazy to get the needles should face the consequences of their actions. The problem is, our health services will be stretched and the Flying Doctor will have to take those who catch the virus to Perth to access ventilation.

We have heard a lot about choice and freedom in the second half of this year; well, the moment of truth is coming for those who have ignored the science and chosen to not have the needle. That is their choice, no one is making them have the jabs.

A matter that your Council may have to consider early next year is, do we endanger the lives of the vast majority of local residents by allowing those without the vaccine to attend community venues and major events?

My personal view is: I will come down on the side of making people responsible for their own actions.

After all, the Premier has given everyone plenty of warning and the freedom to make their own choice.

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