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Premier’s Actions Kept Kalgoorlie-Boulder Safe Mayor's Column
Posted 01 April 2022 Premier’s Actions Kept Kalgoorlie-Boulder Safe

A wise person told me this week that people have short memories. That was never more illustrated than on Thursday when I entered the Ron Yuryevich Terminal at the Airport and two travelers shouted derogatory remarks about Mark McGowan, knowing I was meeting the Premier.

FIFO is Here Mayor's Column
Posted 21 March 2022 FIFO is Here

Make no mistake, while we constantly say that we don’t want FIFO in Kalgoorlie-Boulder, it has been creeping in by stealth for a number of years.

New CEO at The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder Mayor's Column
Posted 14 March 2022 New CEO at The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder

The new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Andrew Brien, has served his first week in the position.

People of Kalgoorlie-Boulder Mayor's Column
Posted 11 March 2022 People of Kalgoorlie-Boulder

Last week’s column may have been misleading. In it I said that the streetscapes of Hannan and Burt Street define what locals think about in their fond memories of growing up in Kalgoorlie-Boulder.

Preserve Hannan Street Mayor's Column
Posted 25 February 2022 Preserve Hannan Street

Goldfielders are fiercely proud of where they come from and the attachment they have to Kalgoorlie and Boulder.

The City’s Commitment to the Arts Mayor's Column
Posted 18 February 2022 The City’s Commitment to the Arts

This past weekend I attended the Sunset at the Soundshell Concert at Centennial Park to watch Katelyn Ann from Hearts of Gold, Black Venom and Eskimo Joe perform.

Kalgoorlie-Boulder at the End of the Line Mayor's Column
Posted 16 February 2022 Kalgoorlie-Boulder at the End of the Line

There was a time, before the bean-counters took over, that the provision of essential services such as power and water were not seen as a cash-cow for the government.

Stock Shortages Not a Reason to Panic Buy Mayor's Column
Posted 15 January 2022 Stock Shortages Not a Reason to Panic Buy

Thursday week ago, I saw a Pacific National freight train head through the Throssell Street crossing heading west.

The Year Ahead Looks Bright Mayor's Column
Posted 08 January 2022 The Year Ahead Looks Bright

As some normality returned this week, one gets a feeling it may be brief… I feel the mass Esperance exodus is shortening and we are back at work sooner.

Christmas in the Park Mayor's Column
Posted 17 December 2021 Christmas in the Park

I am always proud of the special institutions and events that are unique to the Goldfields and stand us apart from the rest of the world.

Goldfields Faces Lockout Mayor's Column
Posted 09 December 2021 Goldfields Faces Lockout

When Premier Mark McGowan comes here specifically to help lift the local vaccination rate, you know we are in trouble.

Don’t Forget to Nominate! Mayor's Column
Posted 03 December 2021 Don’t Forget to Nominate!

Kalgoorlie-Boulder residents have one last chance to nominate a deserving person for the 2022 Australia Day Awards, for outstanding achievement during 2021, and I hope to see a rush of nominations come flooding through on Monday.

Happy Holidays from Mayor Bowler Mayor's Column
Posted 29 November 2021 Happy Holidays from Mayor Bowler

I would like to wish all our residents a very happy holiday season as we move into December.

Nominate our Champions Mayor's Column
Posted 05 November 2021 Nominate our Champions

It is that time of year again that the City Council considers the next inductees into the Walk of Fame, while later this month the next two sporting champions will be unveiled for the Goldfields Sporting Hall of Fame.

Councillor Mick McKay Re-elected Mayor's Column
Posted 22 October 2021 Councillor Mick McKay Re-elected

Earlier this week I was confronted with a very good question: “Which councillor were you most pleased to see elected last Saturday night”?

Every generation thinks it is better than those who follow Mayor's Column
Posted 15 October 2021 Every generation thinks it is better than those who follow

I recall our parents saying how hopeless we were, with our long hair, poor manners and lack of discipline.

Dental Care Mayor's Column
Posted 07 October 2021 Dental Care

At times, I think I harp on the need to encourage “buy local” but every time I doubt my own philosophy, something comes along to reinforce my stance.

Departure of John Walker Mayor's Column
Posted 25 September 2021 Departure of John Walker

I write this week’s Mayoral column with a heavy heart, with today being the last day that John Walker is the Chief Executive Officer of the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder.

Election Reform Mayor's Column
Posted 17 September 2021 Election Reform

There is a feeling of helplessness about standing up to the State Government’s first real abuse of the massive power it accumulated at the last election.

Boulder Town Hall Mayor's Column
Posted 10 September 2021 Boulder Town Hall

As mayor, I often hear how fantastic our facilities are, especially our two Town Halls. As a community, we are so proud of these beautiful buildings, and each town thinks it’s hall is the best!

The Round Mayor's Column
Posted 28 August 2021 The Round

A one hour and 28 minute scramble for tickets has given a good indication that this year’s Race Round will be a success.

COVID Vax Mayor's Column
Posted 20 August 2021 COVID Vax

This week I experienced for the first time what our fellow Australians have been subjected to in recent weeks; I was in a lock-down and I didn’t like it.

Hannan Street Footpaths Mayor's Column
Posted 31 July 2021 Hannan Street Footpaths

One of the most anticipated projects since I have been Mayor has been the relaying of footpaths in Hannan Street and Burt Street.

City's Biggest Budget Ever Mayor's Column
Posted 24 July 2021 City's Biggest Budget Ever

On Monday night, I was proud to see Council adopt the City biggest budget ever, with a planned expenditure of $135million for this financial year.

NAIDOC Week Mayor's Column
Posted 17 July 2021 NAIDOC Week

I’m always proud when Kalgoorlie-Boulder is a bit different to the rest of the world, and in the past I always supported local NAIDOC week celebrations being separate from the rest of the nation.

Goldfields Legends Gone Mayor's Column
Posted 10 July 2021 Goldfields Legends Gone

In recent weeks, we have lost three champions of Kalgoorlie-Boulder – two loyal employees and a legend of the Goldfields.

Judiciary Mayor's Column
Posted 07 July 2021 Judiciary

I wasn’t surprised to hear this week that the gates of the Kalgoorlie Police Station had been rammed again.

Amana Living Mayor's Column
Posted 24 June 2021 Amana Living

Your Kalgoorlie-Boulder City Councillors cherish our seniors.

Law and Order Mayor's Column
Posted 18 June 2021 Law and Order

There is no doubt that the biggest issue on the minds of local residents is law and order, and that was reinforced this week during a visit to Broome.

Boulder Town Hall Admin Centre Mayor's Column
Posted 12 June 2021 Boulder Town Hall Admin Centre

A call this week to build new City Council offices behind the Kalgoorlie Town Hall comes 20 years too late.

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