It's the Trasimeno Way

Published on Thursday, 2 December 2021 at 8:37:00 AM

Today, Trento Trasimeno’s family attended the City’s unveiling of the newly named Trasimeno Way.

Acting CEO David Trevaskis greeted Ms Marie Genovese and her family and presented them with a ceremonial street sign bearing the surname of her beloved father.

Ms Genovese put forward the request so as to honour her father’s significant role in the Kalgoorlie-Boulder community.

She was delighted to learn that the road would be classified as a ‘Way’.

“Dad would always say ‘that’s the Trasimeno way!’ so it is very fitting,” said Ms Genovese.

­­Mr Trasimeno arrived in Australia in September of 1955 following a diverse and sometimes trying upbringing, but none the less rewarding. Growing up in an agricultural society and understanding at a young age the benefit of hard work, Trento was set up for his life that would one day see him move to the New Land of opportunity.

Leaving his new wife, Maria and their three-day old son Giuseppe, Trento took a leap of faith to Australia in the hopes of finding a better life for his young family.

Between his Uncle Carmelo Scaglione’s market garden and his job with West Australian railways, Trento worked tirelessly to make a living.

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