Premier’s Actions Kept Kalgoorlie-Boulder Safe

Published on Friday, 1 April 2022 at 1:38:51 PM

A wise person told me this week that people have short memories. That was never more illustrated than on Thursday when I entered the Ron Yuryevich Terminal at the Airport and two travelers shouted derogatory remarks about Mark McGowan, knowing I was meeting the Premier.

Their complaints centered around some of the restrictions we now face as COVID spreads throughout Western Australia. Not only do they have short memories, they have select memories.

For the past two years, when the Eastern States and the rest of the world were either being ravaged by the virus or in stringent lockdowns, we have lived a normal life. Shortly after landing in Kalgoorlie, the Premier announced the State has now reached an inoculation rate of 99 percent for the double dose. This is an amazing, world-leading level, which means that after living in a safe bubble for the past two years, we can now look forward to the future with confidence.

So, after keeping us safe while the rest of the world reeled from the pandemic, and holding the line to give us the best chance of surviving into the future, suddenly those with short memories are complaining about facing minor inconveniences.

On a pure statistical basis, Kalgoorlie-Boulder has done exceptionally well since COVID changed our lives. When the virus first struck, up to 1 percent of those infected were dying which would translate to 300 deaths in our community. So far we’ve had none.

Let’s keep it that way by adhering to the latest health guidelines, the most important of which is wearing face masks, and let us remember and appreciate the privileged lives we have led in the past two years.

What is also evident to me is that there are still people are keeping those less fortunate than themselves in mind during this time. A local family has made an anonymous $300 donation to buy wool for the Mayor’s Blanket Appeal.  This generous gift means there are now wool packs available for local knitters to pick up from the Eastern Goldfields Community Centre, the Salvation Army and the Boulder Town Hall. If you are an avid knitter, please contact one of these organisations to access the wool.

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