Christmas in the Park

Published on Friday, 17 December 2021 at 8:31:00 AM

I am always proud of the special institutions and events that are unique to the Goldfields and stand us apart from the rest of the world.

One such event is Christmas in the Park, held on Christmas Day, usually in Centennial Park but this year for the first time in Kingsbury Park.

The inimitable Tracey McCartney from the Church of Christ has been a marvel in setting up this event and running it over the years with a band of volunteers. This year Sarsha Lander from the organisation Empowering People in Communities (EPIC) has taken over and I’m sure she will welcome volunteers leading up to and on the day. Meal preparation is at TAFE’s kitchen 9.30 Friday morning, while the Christmas Day celebrations start at 11am.

In short, Christmas in the Park makes sure every person in Kalgoorlie-Boulder has a traditional Christmas dinner; and every year hundreds of newcomers, or ‘community orphans’ as I’ve heard them described, come along for Christmas cheer and entertainment.

Two other unique functions hosted here each year are the Middle Island fish night and the annual Pig and Whistle breakfast as part of our Round celebrations. Both events are free, with the organisers’ only reward is seeing local residents enjoying traditional Goldfields hospitality.

All these shows make me proud to be Mayor of our great city.

One thing that has not made me proud is the low rate of Covid-19 inoculation in the Goldfields and because of that I have no doubt we will face additional restrictions once the border is opened, because once that happens the virus will be amongst us. Have no doubt! Those double and triple jabbed will still catch the virus and get sick but they will survive but the same cannot be said for those too lazy to get jabbed or object on philosophical grounds.

I cannot understand the thoughts of people whose actions will endanger their own lives and the lives of their loved ones and neighbours.

No one likes mandates and I can understand some objectors’ attitudes but surely, once you have made your position clear about being ‘forced’ to get the jab, bury your pride and get the needle.

I’m sure we all will have a merry Christmas, but as for a happy new year, that will depend on what we do as a community in the next six weeks.

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