Hannan Street Footpaths

Published on Saturday, 31 July 2021 at 2:40:00 PM

One of the most anticipated projects since I have been Mayor has been the relaying of footpaths in Hannan Street and Burt Street.

The long awaited projects will start with work in Hannan Street on August 9, immediately after Diggers and Dealers.

The Hannan Street work will involve the footpaths either side of Hannan St from Ma\ritana to Wilson, but it is the aim of the City to use other funds to complete the works either side, and in the top block from Maritana to Porter Street.

The reclaimed pavers from Hannan Street will be used to makes sure that Burt St is well paved, and does not have the break up and dangerous problems that ended up occurring in Kalgoorlie.

The exposed aggregate concrete will be a welcome addition to our famous street, from both a visual perspective and from a safety point of view.

One side issue with the work is that the Goldfields Sporting Hall of Fame on the northern side, and the Walk of Fame pavers on the southern side of the street, will have to be lifted and re-laid.

This will give us an opportunity to relay the pavers in chronological order, starting from Walter Lindrum, who was the first inductee outside the Kalgoorlie Town Hall, up to where the courthouse is. The one paver that will be out of order in the Sporting Hall of Fame will be clay target shooter Bill Montgomery, whose plaque is outside the Montgomery Store, which he owned for many years.

On the other side of the street, another paver that will remain where it is, is that of mining entrepreneur and Diggers and Dealers founder, Geoffrey Stokes.

His plaque is outside the front of the Palace Hotel, where Mr Stokes sold newspapers as a young boy, and always promised himself that one day he would own the hotel behind him.

Through the efforts of CEO John Walker – the Walk of Fame when he joined the City was hardly worth following – but now has a nice array of our City forefathers and those who have helped make our community great. To that end, the City is always seeking nominations of people who the community may think are worthy of induction into the Walk of Fame, and those nominations can be lodged at the City’s Administration Centre.

I am also chairman of Sporting Hall of Fame selection committee, and welcome input in that direction as well. Each year we have tried to have a posthumous inductee and someone who can be there on the night, with the aim of recognizing more than a century of sport in the Goldfields. That is gradually getting whittled away, and both sides now have a good reflection of our sporting and community heroes. In the new exposed aggregate footpaths, the plaques will stand out even brighter and better.

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