Stock Shortages Not a Reason to Panic Buy

Published on Saturday, 15 January 2022 at 9:00:00 AM

Thursday week ago, I saw a Pacific National freight train head through the Throssell Street crossing heading west. Nothing unusual, it happens around 30 odd times a week. However, at the end of the train were several flatbed wagons without containers. Now, I have picked up some knowledge along the way and I know that this is very unusual. At the time, I pondered on this and continued on my drive.

Fast forward a week later and its emerged we have growing supply and grocery stock shortages affecting us. We have had supply chain issues for near on two years. It’s not uncommon. New mining machinery is pushing towards 18 month OEM build times, silicon chip depletion has delayed technology and even the humble KFC Zinger burger is threatened at the moment.

It is a great talking point at the checkout nonetheless. I lined up behind my friend James, who went to at least two supermarkets to ensure he could get some toilet paper. I asked if it was a panic buy, he said he had the grandies coming up for a few days – it wasn’t a panic buy. We had a chuckle and moved on. What we want to know though out of our conversation is, what the heck is it with the toilet paper being the first item to indicate a panic buy? Not bread, milk, nappies or fresh fruit and vegetables.

Back to the train and my sliding doors moment.  More freight heads west than east, based on this education the thought bubble of why the train had empty flatbeds emerged. The train couldn’t wait for some groceries to make the trip west having been delayed due to COVID supply issues. Based on this, I should have bought more of my cats preferred food last week predicting the containers that missed the train, would potentially hold the cat food they prefer.

There is no need to panic or buy up in bulk. The Federal government has jumped into action to ensure relaxation of isolation rules for several avenues to ensure we are kept fed, watered, safe and healthy.  Supermarkets do want to share the supplies they do have though and have implemented their own measures. If your grocery item is not available or rationed, understand it’s not a local isolated event. Although try telling that to my cats.

- Acting Mayor Glenn Wilson

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